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About us

Our years of experience are reflected in the care we take in our choice of accommodation, restaurants, locations and the overall ambience of the holidays we design. We would like you to experience the country as a true traveller, not as an ordinary tourist. Often we take you off the beaten track, to sites and areas still untouched by mass tourism. By not overloading our tours we build in plenty of time for you to relax and absorb all the new sights and experiences each day brings. Our tours are accompanied by very capable and knowledgeable leaders, and on site we use only the most experienced local Greek guides.

We design and organise holidays and itineraries throughout Greece which reflect the interests and curiosity of all kinds of individuals and groups.

Apart from our own imaginative tours we are specialists in creating private tours according to your requirements both for groups and individuals . We would be pleased to prepare your own personal tour of Greece, just send us an e-mail with your request.

So many visitors who come to this extraordinary country each year experience so little of it. Greece has enriched our own lives immeasurably and we would like to share with you its still undiscovered wonders.