New services will make island-hopping trips to far-flung destinations much easier

Over the next two years a Greek aviation company says it wants to connect more than 100 locations throughout Greece. With a vision of creating a new, affordable seaplane network will make it a viable and much faster alternative to the ferry. Hellenic Seaplanes headquartered in Athens, was established in May 2013.

Because its fleet, currently comprised of a 12-seater Dornier Seastar and a 19-seat Twin Otter amphibious aircraft can land on water, the service will be able to serve smaller islands currently unconnected by air, without the need for costly infrastructure. ┬áThis prospect is, of course, still in the planning stages and initial launch dates have already been pushed back from this year. That shouldn’t stop anyone from planning their ultimate island-hopping adventure from Hellenic Seaplanes’ list of planned destinations, connecting far-flung destinations from the northern Aegean to the Libyan Sea on a trip that would need a month to explore by boat.